Studio1128 Video Script

Client: Studio1128

Written by T. E. Roze


Opening Frame: Exterior shot of young girl with binoculars. Fade into galaxy and life animation sequence.

Vo: From the moment we are born, we are trying to speak. Eager to use the tools around us to express any kind of communication we desire. As we grow our mind is slowly caged by expectation. 1128, is our idea for a place where art and music bring mental freedom, and where enlightenment… is key.

I was always a writer. Delving into the dark, and bringing light to new ideas in areas of sanction. When I decided to turn my poetry into lyrics I was provided the space and tools to bring my vision alive.

I guess you can say I’ve always been a geek. Technology is my nature, but music… is my foundation. While producing in college, I crossed paths with Tahnee and after working with her on the production of her music video lately, we began our partnership in music.

KP and I fill countless hours in the studio. We write, direct, produce and perform, and have had the privilege of working with excellent talent along the way. This however means making the move from our current home studio and embracing the vision for downtown Orlando’s first production house.

Orlando, Florida is a historical landmark and economic powerhouse. We can mark this cities coming of age at the end of WW2, when it began its transition as the entertainment capitol. Orlando hosts the Nations top most theme parks and attractions, and brings in 48 million visitors annually. Orlando is Florida’s fastest

growing city, beating out even Miami, yet still it has remained classic in it’s style and transition into the technology age, building an excellent foundation for evolution and opportunity. With reputable new arenas drawing in big names, this city is no stranger to stardom, although it’s the local talent that’s being unnecessarily suppressed. You see the potential for Downtown in the music scene is huge. Yet, even with all the incredible talent its success rate for developing artists remains extremely low. Much like importing from overseas, we’re not using our unique resources to the full potential. Due to high prices in office space, and few risks taken to build outside the box, there are currently little to no downtown recording facilities that offer local talent the workspace required to take the leap from amateur to professional. This is like a wet blanket over a great fire. It diminishes the energy, instead of helping it to grow.

We see Orlando as a diamond in the rough for, and firmly believe that the breakthrough it needs, will not come from a high-rise studio, but rather from embracing the classic style of this unique city, and with a different take on recording entirely.

Inspired by the studios of infamous music row in Nashville, our idea for 1128 is to transform a downtown estate into to an all-encompassing production facility with focus on Music, Film and Media. A space for artists to create, and then securely distribute their final work, we stumbled upon the perfect place in historic downtown. And now we ask you to come inside, and see the future of 1128 productions.

Luxury in its simplest form, the main factor of 1128, is the vibe. Inspired by the 1940’s, and designed for artist development in the processes of concept through distribution, downstairs will revolve around the formation, study, and evolution of thoughts. Including a library, with books on everything from music law and history, to philosophy, fiction, universal subjects and more. Allowing for the desire to evolve the space, each room will be set up to lay out current projects, collaborate, jam, or use the facilities diverse methods to allow for idea stimulation. Upstairs, an entire floor is dedicated to a state of the art recording studio, where these ideas are able to come alive. Equipped so projects can move between the different stages of production, the studio is engineered with every detail in mind for the highest quality of sound. With the tools and experience to shoot professional music videos, the collision of sound and visuals is one of greatest passions at 1128. With the implementation of an in-house Foley studio, we can bring unique methods of sound to production. And with established partnerships, we can use creative distribution as a key component to each projects success.