‘The Merchant’s Son’

A Series Summary

Written by T. E. Roze

‘The Merchant’s Son’ explores the yet untold story of Hermann Einstein and his wife Pauline as they take on raising their prodigal child, Albert. These two extraordinarily independent thinkers put education above all stigmas of the time and poured constant support in their children’s independence. Time spent understanding and nourishing the unique traits which made their children different, paved the way for an upbringing of which most all of Albert’s theories and discoveries first stemmed. It is after all his childhood which is the foundation of his story and, one can argue, the most crucial part of his developing genius. Yet, it remains untold.

During season one, we witness a meager yet determined merchant meet his match; an enchanting young heiress with the laughter of a hyena and a heart of gold. The panic of 1873 brings a deep depression throughout Europe and America. There is renewed rise of prejudice against Jews due to a new ideology that has swept Europe of an ‘Aryan race’. The effect of the times has touched Albert’s docile father, Hermann Einstein, greatly, as he longs for nothing more than to find love and start a family.

Episode 1 is the fateful day Hermann gets everything he has ever desired. As the season continues, we will see that with the strength of his brilliant wife Pauline, the two overcome all odds to give their children every opportunity. The end of season one and all of season two (the final season); delves into Albert’s exceptional adolescence and young teenage years; creating the vision of a youthful star who was remembered for his beauty, charisma and extraordinary wit. We see Hermann be a devoted father to his young teenage son, an already brilliant scientist who found fame and attention of the masses as young as 17 years old.

The series will be full of rich colors and humor. When young Albert first begins using his imagination to explore theories of nature, his thought process will be animated and viewed through a trademark style which will carry on through the entire series. With creative filming locations we will represent the Italian Alps, rolling hills of Heidelberg and Gothic Germany. Each & every episode is therefore founded in natural beauty and charm.

‘The Merchant’s Son’ is a series which focuses upon both a father’s sacrifice as well as the childhood of an icon. It will shine light onto the people who created one of the greatest thinkers of our time by dedicating their lives to instilling in him laughter, defiance, compassion and above all curiosity.